Two story 5 Bedroom Modern House Design with roof terrace @ Kegalle - House Designs Sri Lanka - House Plan


Two-story 5 Bedroom Modern House Design with roof terrace @ Kegalle. Buy this house design today !!!!

This house design including the following specifications And this house includes 2650 sq. ft.

Ground Floor- 1400 sq.ft

Upper floor - 1250 sq.ft

  • 5-bed rooms, 
  • Living, 
  • Dining, 
  • Kitchen, 
  • One common Bathroom
  • One attached bathroom
  • Car porch

Now you can buy this house a full set of architectural drawing sets, council drawings,s and structural drawings, and 3D renderings. 

  •  Full set of the architectural drawing set
  • Full set of the structural drawing set
  • Council drawing set
  • 3D renderings
  • Electrical layout
  • Plumbing layout
  • Door window schedule

Please, contact Mr. Asela +94-0716635878 viber, whats app or imo for more information about the design. You can send a message to us through


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